Yuyi Huang

Hey my friends! How is going today. I am a student and I am studying MSc Marketing in Lancaster University in UK. I just tried to book these course, and then it makes me surprise, because it seems that I've join a family to study English together~
Hello guys🤗, I am so excited to know this course can practice my british pronounciation. I am Yuyi and I am from China. I hope we will be friends and study together. 

In my daily life, I love to read books, for examle, I am reading "how to think like a Roman Emperor" currently, it is really good to let me calm down and give me more courages to change myself step by step. I highly recommend it to you guys~🤗

I admire too much to speak a fluenct British English, it sounds pretty elegant and gental. I hope we will get more help from Ann and I believe Ann will teach us successfully!!!!👍
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